Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Striped Monogram Welcome Mat

Hi there! We finally made it to the weekend, and this one looks to be a beautiful one. As we get closer to the summer months, I am starting to get motivated to add some spring touches to my house. I can't wait to add some potted flowers now that it's warm enough for them!

Today I'm sharing a super simple project I created for my front porch. I painted a striped monogram welcome mat to replace the old one. It's a sunny yellow color and adds a fun pop of color and personality to the front of our home.
It was quite the winter here in Cincinnati, and the old one was looking pretty sad! I picked up this rug from Ikea for $5.
I really like the texture of this rug. I also knew it would be easy to paint because the fibers line up in straight lines horizontally and vertically. Any time I can get away without measuring is a bonus!

I started off by taping a rectangle in the middle. I was able to count in from the sides to make sure I was keeping things straight and relatively centered. I just used regular painter's tape that I already had in the house.

Next I taped off some stripes, starting by lining up with the top and bottom of the rectangle. Then I just counted the fibers to evenly space them.

I painted the exposed areas a light but colorful shade of yellow (Jonquil from Martha Stewart craft paint). The technique I used was to paint with a brush in a method similar to you would with a stencil, straight up and down-- that way the paint didn't slip under the tape. Since the rug was so deeply textured, it would have been easy to accidentally paint under the tape. 

By bouncing the brush up and down like you would a stencil, I was able to get some pretty crisp stripes!

Next I made the template for my monogram. I went with a simple "C" in Times New Roman font. I enlarged it to fit most of the space in the middle of the rug.

Then I cut out the letter, and used the resulting area like a stencil. I again used that up and down motion to paint the monogram. Simple! I am loving the new mat, such an improvement from the sad one that was there previously.
I hung up a spring wreath I made a few years ago on the front door. I like that the yellow in the mat matches up a bit with the yellow flower in the wreath. 
Now that the welcome mat and wreath are out, it's starting to look a little like spring. I definitely need to pick up some flowers though because the mat looks a little lonely on its own! 

Do you have any plans to spruce things up this weekend? I'm starting to see everyone outside planting flowers, so that is next on my list! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love this! Anything with stripes makes me so happy:)

    1. Me too! I'm a sucker for anything stripes or polka dots!

  2. That is looking very welcoming! I love your new rug! Pinning. I'm waiting for it to be warm enough for some plants outside here .... trying to be patient! Have a great Sunday, Julia

    1. Hi Julia, I know what you mean about being patient with putting flowers out. Good luck with that-- hopefully the warm weather comes soon!

  3. Fabulous and simple way to welcome your guest! I love it!

    Pinning to our Party Board!

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us at Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party!

    ~ Ashley

  4. What a great tutorial! Even I can do this one. :-)

    1. Hi Ellen, Thanks for stopping by! This definitely was an easy project that anyone can do, always my favorite kind!


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